Kalesa and San Nicolas Parish Church

Never tried the kalesa?  Why not go the San Nicolas Church fronting Pasil by kalesa starting at Freedom Park, Carbon?

First time to ride a kalesa.

Kalesa or tartanilla

Inside the San Nicolas Parish Church

The old church

More pictures here.

Excerpts below from:

About 1.5 kms. west of Carbon Market is the district of San Nicolas. Its ancient name was Cebu Viejo or Cebu de los Naturales (Cebu of the native Visayans). Cebu Viejo was established to distinguish it from the Spanish settlement Legazpi had laid out. The town was placed under the jurisdiction of the convent of Santo Niño. When the town moved further west is uncertain. In 1656, San Nicolas was made a vicariate, however, the townspeople continued to worship in the Santo Niño church.

A church may have been finished before 1627 because there is a record of a fire damaging it during this year. A new church and convento were built in 1641. However, the date of construction of the church which survived to the 20th century is uncertain. Of this church nothing remains, a victim of the elements and human neglect. Not even the statue of Fr. Andres de Urdaneta the founder of the town has remained. The statue is said to have stood at the plaza.

Heritage Features: Whatever indications we have of San Nicolas church comes from photographs, which show the church to be similar in design to Argao

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