Hot Spring in Catmon

This information is as of Feb. 15, 2009.

The place has the distinct smell of sulfur, including the water, more especially the water coming out from the source. Since the water is warm (not hot), smoke is noticeable at the surface of the water.

No booking, no entry. Tel. no. 430-9250
Total travel time: about 1 hr. 30 mins.

How to go:
1. Take a bus at North Bus Terminal.  Travel time: about 1 hour.
2. Tell the driver or conductor to drop you at corner Duyan, Catmon. Fare: P50.00
3. At corner Duyan, take a single motorcycle.   Fare is P20.00 per person. Travel time is 10-15 mins.  This is 5 km from the corner.
4. Entrance fee: Local: P100.00 per head; Foreigner: P300.00 per head.
5. From the entrance, walk at the side of the mountain for 5-10 mins.
6. There are tables for rent there. Near the pool:  P500, P300 further away.

Esoy Hot Spring.  No booking, no entry.  This is because the place is small and can accommodate only a few people or just one group at one time.

From the entrance, trek at the side of the mountain for 5 to 10 minutes.

The pathway is safe because of the railings.  The railings extend down to the pool below.

The pool down under.

Wall of stone.

River way below the pool, about 5 meters down.

About 1 meter from the Coleman is a drop to the river below.

The spring.

The entire pool.  Beyond the bamboo fence is a direct drop to the river below, about 5 meters down.

Just 1 kick and you are at the other side.  However, swimming is not really applicable for a hot pool, in this case, hot spring.  Hot pool is meant to be enjoyed sitting down, relaxing, and talking.  Benches are installed at the edges of the pool where my mom sits.

Trek back up.

Wall of forest at the other side.

My yellow/white gold wedding ring has turned to bronze.  This is due to the sulfur in the water.  However, the ring returned to its original color in less than a week.  There’s no worry about it because gold won’t tarnish.

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44 Responses to Hot Spring in Catmon

  1. Filipino from Manila says:

    Entrance fee: Local: P100.00 per head; Foreigner: P300.00 per head.

    THAT IN my books my friend is clearly RACIST.
    Im going to get something done about this.

    What if i said Mulsim 50 per head Christians 500 per head …im sure you wouldnt like it would you?

    This is an unchristian like charging policy ..let alone racist …
    and it clearly is being run by grubby, greedy individuals.

    By the way, i heard the water levels had dropped substantially at this spring and the water is coming out luke warm to cool and not hot at all …

    rule is DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY by going to support these greedy, racist pigs!

    Unfilipino as well.

  2. Jusseppe Roxas says:

    Why would the foreigners have to pay more? if they are bringing along any locals no doubt more than one would be coming along i would say that the foreigner would be paying for them as well therefore this hot spring is BAD for tourism, BAD for cultural experience, BAD for Catmon. BAD all round.

    This type of business puts a whole BAD slant on catmon, carmen, danao, cebu, cebu city, philippines and everywhere in general for philippine tourism and anyone interested in travelling to Cebu, tourism spots in Cebu and places to go in cebu.

    As far as I know El Nino has virtually Fu*ked this spring by drying it up since the post was made — go on you bast**rds keep ripping off the tourists both filipinos and overseas tourists and see where you get. Remember the Internet is the place where they check and a lot of people will see BAD reviews on your outdated, RACIST, pricing policies.

    Take your COLD SPRINGS and shove it up your greedy bums!

  3. Tommy says:

    what the heck? nganung ingun ani man ni siya? grabeha pud sa nag tag-iya ani nga resort oi. it should be equal, we are only separated by race then mag ingun ana na dayun mo sa mga foreigners? grabeha !!! ako may naulaw sa inyuhang gi buhat. angay jud ni ipa report sa Local Tourism sa Catmon!

  4. Justme says:

    Greedy locals are a common sight on local tourist spots in this country. Its a common attitude all over the country. From taxis on ports, commodities sold on tourists spots, and even toll fee on rugged, unmaintained town roads. Poor Philippines…

  5. someone says:

    Racism is not the issue here. It is simply because, foreigners’ currency is higher when converted to peso.

  6. The place is something to look forward to, but if you really want to promote tourism here, we should treat everyone equally… no racism please!

    • I agree. I thought of driving off to this place, when I saw the entrance fee, it shy me away. Honestly, I was discouraged. Was hoping to check the place and enjoy NATURE’S GIFT “hot spring”, you should also share the gift to others ‘coz this is not man-made. Let’s not take advantage of the spot, you were just lucky you found the place ahead of us. Be fair. Let’s not think of high monetary rate of the foreigners, ‘coz it isn’t fair at all. I better look for other places that has hot spring on, they have the same entrance fee for adults and smae regular rate for kids. No discrimination. Hear us!

  7. somebody says:

    I think, it should have been said… Foreigners: P300.00/ Local Tourist: Discounted rate of P100.00… Para dili lain paminawn… It’s how you say it, para dili negative ang dating….
    Just a suggestion… 🙂

  8. Louise says:

    Don’t go to this place please!! Its not worth your money. They have extremely bad management. We went there the other day and we were informed through the phone that their entrance fees are 100 pesos for filipinos and 300 for foreigners. The cottage is 500 and there is also 300. When we got there, we were surprised to find out that their rates have changed. They asked ask for 600 pesos!!! WHAT THE HELL?!!!! I asked for some sort of explanation and they told us that the 500 pesos already included the cottage, the entrance fees and the river trekking. We told them that we don’t need to rent the cottage. You know what they said? They said “NO”!! They said that we should pay 500 pesos!! If you won’t pay, you’re not allowed to go inside. WHAT THE HELL? Why would we pay for the cottage as well when we don’t want to use it…and they were only two of us. Renting a cottage would just be a waste of our money. We tried to asked why won’t they let us go inside without renting a cottage. You know what they answered? They told us that it would be bothering other customers. WHAT THE HELL?!!! I don’t even understand what that supposed to mean. and the woman was kinda stammering when she tried to explain. Her reason was nonsensical. I was sure she was just trying to make a poor reason just to get more money. When we also told them that we would rather go to the river, not the hotspring. So it means that we don’t need to rent a cottage. You know what they told us? They told us that we need to still pay the 600 pesos. Even though we’re not going to use hot spring and the cottage. She talked to the manager about our complaints and you know what they did? They won’t let us go inside if we don’t pay the exact amount. Thinking about it again, really pisses me off. We went their expecting a good service and you know what we got? A terrible service. Really horrible. Also, we wasted our money for the transportation going to the hot spring and without even going inside. It was terrible day. Their rates there are only suited for foreigners. NEVER GO THERE. They are just using GOD’S land and making money out of it. The HOT SPRING is not really theirs. If they didn’t built the property around the HOT SPRING. All of the people will enjoy it freely. If you want to go to a nice place, to place with NATURAL BEAUTY? Please go to TUMALOG FALLS!! Its the best. Its still untouched and hasn’t been developed yet. And don’t forget that its for FREE!!! NO ENTRANCE FEES unlike some PLACES!! 😡

  9. shannon says:

    We were there last Saturday, June 30, and honestly, we haven’t experienced all the things that you’ve said. I think we should not generalize. 🙂

    The way I understood their charging on you, it wasn’t entrance fee alone. 600 is for cottage (500) and entrance fee (100) all together. Please do the math. 🙂 Also, I think whatever resorts even hotels you go, these are general policies. Whether you’ll use all or only some of their facilities, you have to pay for it. Unless of course you’ll be getting a room so no more for cottages.

    Besides, there is such thing as maintenance. You think if the owner didn’t develop such “GOD’s” land, the public can enjoy the hot spring and everything in it as it is now? C’mon, we should abide by policies and never rant and rave to our heart’s content whenever our own desires weren’t granted. Just my two cents.

  10. bob malazarte says:

    it is the govts concern to developed our tourist spots. it should not be exploited by a few. the govt will do it for the general welfare of everybody rich or poor. the brgy officials must do something about it . for god sake we elect govt officials to serve the people and not the people to serve them.

  11. Alex says:

    Seems overrated place to me.

  12. Annodz says:

    we are having a project for our tourism and we have choose this place. the project is about developing the place, changing the negativity of the place into positive. and also about the fee, we are trying to find a solution about it, because it really unfair. but people, instead of saying bad things about it, you should just take any actions so that the owner of the place would be more aware of this. help promote the place, ’cause as we know tourism in the Philippines is where our country earn a lot money. Don’t discourage those people who visit our tourist attraction just because of a single problem, we all know problems has solutions, all we have to do is solve it and take some actions. ^^^Sorry if I have wrong grammars there. Just understand what I’m trying to point out 🙂

  13. Steven Kiss says:

    Actuly im from Belgium and im coming to philippines
    I was planing to visit this place until i read this comends and i find it sad because indeed if we fareingers go to place we usly dont come alone and now you try to take advatige off us i wont come. I was even planning to spend the night but now i made a ather desision and wont come to there so its also not good for that villige because i wont come to the villige as wel.
    Im sorry for the villigors but i dont have a reason to come there now.
    So if you dont wanne spook torist away the shud make a bether webside withe pic off everything even the cotige.
    Thaks to all ho have given there honest coment and hope the will think wath the do in the futer.

    • rosalie says:

      Hello, Steven. I’m sorry about this negative impression. I hope you will still enjoy you’re visit to our country. We are hoping that this issue will improve.

      • Jean-Marie says:

        I’m also Belgian,living in Puente Carmen. I have been there. My wife told me only later , about the price. I would like to bring friends, but if the owner doesn’t change his policy, i will goback, because you have so many other places to visit and where you don’t have to pay. I don’t complain about paying, but same price for everyone.

  14. santosh says:

    first thing that for foriegner 300 and local 100 is not a good idea. we just visited this place previus day. and we did not pay 500 peco for cottage as like that we negotiated. we enjoyed here its natutal beauti, water fall, small trecking and small lake……..

  15. ayisharu says:

    We were actually considering to visit this place. But after reading the comments, I’m having second thoughts.

  16. CHEZKA says:


  17. jeff says:

    typical greedy filipinos out to rip off the tourists and locals at every opportunity,thought they were supposed to be christians here,,????but their actions is anything but,and with the billions of foreign aid coming in to this country and the amount foreigners spend here it is a shameful country

  18. VonVon Inting says:

    to those who are commenting on this site… i agree i am a resident on that place catmon. why you are not equal for the entrance fee its unfair, wala mo maulaw is not good your place, the right of way is dangerous, so that price is worth it? sorry to guys na upsit gyud ko ani nga post mka ulaw kaayo….attention sa owner ani nga pool please aware to yourself nga dghan ang nadamay ani nga pinoy…..hopefully you can change your mind soon….

  19. This is my first time pay a visit at here and i am truly happy to read all at single place.

  20. jammy says:

    Make it equal…Php300 entrance for Local and Foreingners.

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  22. Fiona Smith says:

    at this time of the year in the Philippines, hot spring seems attractive especially for city folks who wanted to get a feel of the nature once in a while. however, the posts are undesirable to the tourist spot itself as it is to Cebuanos or to Filipinos for that matter, and it seems to be human nature to generalize things, and people. i would like to know if there were any actions taken towards these complaints? mind you, word of mouth is more powerful than anything else, especially for a business like this. i wanted to bring my work mates to a heavenly place like this, but not until things are being settled. we wanna go there to relax and have fun, not to add nuisance to our already stressful life.

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  24. jovec says:

    grabe nah ang mga tawo karon, mga nawong nah jud ug kwarta??????????????

  25. Carlo says:

    My friends and I had a lot fun the first time we visited this place ( March 5, 2014). Paid 100 pesos all-in plus 500 for the cottage which I found very reasonable.
    We were planning on visiting this place again (13 persons) but the owner informed me that it now costs 150 per head and that’s only because there are at least 10 of us (Filipinos). Plus another 500 for the cottage. I’d be okay with that.. No big deal but charging 350 for my stepdad just because he’s a foreigner?? Pretty racist Mr. Esoy. Ganahan gyud unta mi dinha sa inyo. Ngano mag ing ana man gyud? Pa negatibo mana sa pag tan aw sa foreigners diri sa Pinas. Unsaon nato ka number 1 tourist spot nga country ug padayon ing ana?? Pila pagyud gane na ka billiones nga natabang sa mga foreigner sa Pilipinas preha atong na bagyohan ang Pinas unya ing ana on nuon nemo sila?? Respeto pud sa ubang rasa palihug lang. Taw ra baya ta tanan..

  26. Juan says:

    Well you say its racist…but if you look at it, he is just basically giving locals discounted rates
    so what if he charges everyone 300 local or foreigner? then you complain that he is overcharging
    its a small place i bet he also spent a lot in developing it, yes its a natural resource, but if only you would try to visit it you will know that had he not developed it the spring would be inaccessible and no one would know about it
    stop b!tching if you havent even given the place a visit…
    its worth visiting, the place is different and its a unique experience for us who travel on a budget
    i had a great experience visiting this place, the owner was very welcoming, the river trek was fun
    i would say its worth visiting even for just once in your life you could say i have been there 🙂

    if you dont need the cottage, try to ask if you can just get a table…be nice you get more options that way…dont expect world class service and amenities this is just after all a local business charging local rates

    i was there 3 years ago, plan to visit again soon

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